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a key lays beside a small toy house on a wooden table.

After the Offer

You’ve looked at dozens of houses and finally found your dream home.... Read More about this blog
Foreclosure sign

At risk of foreclosure? Mortgage loss mitigation could help

Unexpected medical bills, divorce, job loss — sometimes life throws us a curve ball and the home we could afford becomes unaffordable.... Read More about this blog
a couple embraces, looking at their home

Learn from their mistakes — 10 first-time homebuyer tips

We talked to some first-time homebuyers about what they learned after they made that big purchase.... Read More about this blog

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an empty living room with cracked walls

Is it a Diamond in the Rough or a Money Pit? A Guide to Purchasing a Fixer-Upper

Buying a fixer-upper can seem like a romantic idea – when you get to turn that shabby house into your dream home. But there are many things toRead More about this blog
tree branch through house roof

Homeowners Insurance – The Necessity We Love to Hate (Until We Need It, Then We❤️It)

Homeowners insurance is a necessity that comes with home ownership. From fire to theft, broken pipes to a tree limb crashing through the roof, yourRead More about this blog
a group of people posing at the 2018 lender appreciation lunch in Las Vegas

Southern Nevada Lenders Honored

When we threw our hat in the ring with the Home Is Possible program in 2014, we knew we would be successful because of our lender and real estateRead More about this blog
good neighbor picket fence

How to Be a Good Neighbor

Note: This blog was written before COVID-19. Please use all safety precations when considering any of these tips. Good neighbors are like whippedRead More about this blog

Don’t Be Spooked By Rising Interest Rates: Reasons to Consider Fall Homebuying

Are you ready to make a move? Turns out, you’re not alone, and we can help. If you’re looking for reasons to consider fall homebuying, we’re creepin’Read More about this blog
man using chainsaw to cut off tree branch

More About the Roots

In our last post, we talked about the dangers of tree roots and how they can not only  damage your home, but your neighbor’s as well. In this blog weRead More about this blog
tree root breaking through sidewalk

Touching up our Roots

Trees add value to our lives in so many ways. They prevent erosion of the soil, they provide shade, they’re beautiful and, oh yeah, they help usRead More about this blog
a pipe leak

We’re Piping Up About the Benefits of Regular Pipe Maintenance

Whether you rent or own your home, it pays to take care of your pipes and stick to a regular maintenance schedule. Not only will you avoid the hassleRead More about this blog
the definition of a weed is a plant that is not values where it is growing

Let’s Talk Weeds

If you have a yard in Nevada, you have weeds. No? Well, if not today, rest assured you’ll have them tomorrow because weeds happen. Even when the restRead More about this blog
garage sale sign

Let’s Get Our Sale On

Do you cling to clothes that no longer fit, stash paint you’ll never use and hold on to baby gates even though your kid is 12? If so, you may have U.ARead More about this blog