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How To Gain Superpowers as a Real Estate Agent. (No kryptonite required)

December 20, 2021

We think real estate agents are pretty awesome. After all, they help Nevadans realize their dream of homeownership! They scour listings, optimize open house itineraries, work weekends, and make themselves available to clients at all hours of the day. As if that isn’t enough, some have chosen to up their game even more by becoming HIP-accredited real estate agents. In this blog we dig into the why and how of HIP-accreditation for real estate agents.

Why be HIP?

As a HIP-accredited agent, your superpower is magically expanding your clients’ homebuying budget! (Yes, it’s actual magic.) HIP — short for Home Is PossibleTM — is a family of homebuying programs offered through the Nevada Housing Division (NHD). These programs provide qualified buyers with forgivable down payment assistance they can use for down payment and closing costs, effectively expanding their homebuying budget. See, magic!

When you bring these programs to your customers and they can get more house for their dollar, they become delighted-referral machines who are likely to name their firstborn after you.

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How to get HIP?

NHD offers a three-hour CE course, Home Is Possible Homebuyer Programs. Not only will you learn all about HIP programs and how they can benefit your customers, but you’ll also earn three continuing education credits and become an accredited HIP real estate agent. NHD also offers a 30-minute REALSmart crash course to give you the nuts and bolts of the homebuying programs. Virtual and in-person REALSmart training events can be found on our event calendar. All HIP-accredited real estate agents are featured on the Home Is Possible website which is promoted on NHD social media channels.

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To get HIP accredited and elevate your status to legendary real estate agent, visit the enrollment page of the website. 

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